Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum Smells Like a Wonderful Herb Garden

I love when my skin products smell great. Well, let me be more specific: if my skin products have a scent, I want it to smell great.

In the past, I reviewed Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus and really liked the rosy scent since it smelled like real roses and not perfume. Today, my Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum review has a focus on the scent as well.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum Review: The BoxThe Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum wanted to be tried by me so much that it tried to claw itself out of the box! Nice try, Jurly.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum Review: The BottleThe Herbal Recover Advanced Serum comes in two sizes: 30mL ($54) and 100mL ($150). I got to try the adorable little 15mL bottle.

Hello, little bottle!

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum Review: The PumpHere’s what the directions say:

“Apply 1-2 pumps onto fingertips and press gently over face, neck and décolletage, morning and night.”

You can watch me use this exactly as directed in my Daily Beauty Transformation video.

So, how’s the scent?

To me, Jurlique does scents best. They don’t smell artificial or perfumey at all, and the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum is no exception.

This stuff smells like a fresh and wonderful herb garden. Like plants. Not spicy, but herby.

You can blame this on the “15 Bio-Intrinsic TM botanical extracts” in the bottle. Some of these include safflower oil, licorice root extract, daisy flower extract, rosemary leaf extract and fennel fruit extract. All of these (and more) combine to create a great-smelling garden on my face.

And, bonus, the scent doesn’t irritate my perfume-sensitive skin.

What about the promises?

After all, this is a “youth defence active gel concentrate.” Here are some of the promises:

“…help reduce the appearance of fine lines, help increase elasticity, restore radiance and increase hydration.”

I’ll say right up front about these promises: I didn’t notice a huge difference. I think, maybe, my skin felt a bit firmer after using this for a few weeks. My skin definitely felt softer, though. Healthier. I can’t verify that it makes it younger, though.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum Review: The Final Verdict

The Advanced Serum definitely has a few things going for it: an amazing garden-fresh scent and a skin-softening formula that I love. But, like most skin products, it doesn’t quite live up to its anti-aging promises. For these reasons, I give it a…


You can pick this up at Amazon, Sephora, Beauty.com or the Jurlique website.


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  1. Ohh Jurlique, I hear so many great things about their hand creams! The scent sounds lovely, too bad it didn’t deliver super-results, but hey at least it has a positive effect! 🙂 That’s half the battle right there.

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