For the Holidays: Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Body Wash

Is there someone on your holiday shopping list who loves to try new fragrances? Or maybe you have someone who’s already tried Harvey Prince Eau Flirt perfume and you want to get something that they’ll love.

That’s where Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Liquid Loofah body wash comes in. It’s the classic Eau Flirt scent, but in a nice body wash.

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Body Wash: The BottleHere’s something really awesome: the Harvey Prince Eau Flirt body wash comes in a huge bottle. Seriously, that bottle is big. It holds 12 fl. oz. of scented awesomeness.

And, seeing as this bottle is $24, that sounds like a really good deal.

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Body Wash: The ScentAs for the scent, it has notes of lavender, pumpkin pie, citrus, jasmine and nutmeg, so they say.

I’ve tried both the perfume and the body wash in Eau Flirt, and I like the body wash way better. To me, it smells like melons, grapefruits, lavender and amber.

My first reaction after stepping out of the shower:

“I smell like an adult…and I love it!”

Because this is a body wash, the scent isn’t super strong or imposing. It’s a good alternative for people who want to wear perfume but find most fragrances too imposing.

The scent stays close to your skin and lasts for about 5 hours. It didn’t irritate my perfume-sensitive skin.

It’s gift time!

So, you have that holiday shopping list. You’re not sure what to get people. Maybe there’s a lady on your list who’d like the Harvey Prince Eau Flirt body wash? Let’s see.

This body wash is perfect for…

  • those that like sophisticated fragrances
  • someone looking for a new body wash
  • ladies that want to smell like adults
  • gals new to fragrances
  • women who want to try a perfume but don’t want it too be too strong or abrasive
  • a homemade spa-style gift set
  • gifts under $25

You can pick this up at the Harvey Prince website for $24.


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  1. That scent sounds lovely! And you do get a lot of product!

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