For the Holidays: LUSH I Want Candy Gift

There are a few things you have to worry about when it comes to holiday shopping: finding the right gift and wrapping it up.

Well, LUSH can take care of one of those for you. If you want to get someone on your list a set of bath products, read on for the LUSH I Want Candy gift review. It’s already wrapped for you!

LUSH I Want Candy gift review: The BoxI Want Candy is one of LUSH’s wrapped gifts for the holiday season. It comes already wrapped in this super cute green wrapping paper with a ribbon and everything. The tag even has a “To” and “From” on it.

No wrapping required!

LUCH I Want Candy gift review: What's InsideEverything in this gift box is vegan! It comes with…

  • Rock Star Soap (3.5 oz)
  • Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (3.5 oz)

And both smell like delicious and fruity vanilla candy. (The candy scent is a lot stronger than the vanilla.)

LUSH I Want Candy gift review: Rock Star SoapThe Rock Star Soap is in the shape of a star. It smells like delicious sugary candy!

Although you could use this as hand soap, I liked it best in the shower as a body soap bar. It suds-up super well and leaves me smelling awesome.

LUSH I Want Candy gift review: Candy Mountain Bubble BarCheck out the pink and white swirl of the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar! Just like the soap, this bubble bar smells like sweet and sugary candy.

LUSH says that you can break apart this bubble bar if you want to use only a bit of it, but I found that difficult. Instead, I used the whole thing at once.

Candy Mountain turns bath water a nice shade of pink while filling the top with tons of bubbles. The bubbles are so plentiful that it would be easy to shape a Santa beard hanging from your chin with them, if you were so inclined.

It’s gift time!

Do you think someone on your shopping list would like this LUSH gift?

The I Want Candy gift is perfect for…

  • ladies who love sweet and sugary scents
  • those who love a good bath
  • people of all ages
  • LUSH-lovers
  • vegans
  • already-wrapped gifts
  • gifts under $15

You can pick this up at the LUSH website for $14.95.


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  1. These look so cute! Sadly, I think their scent will be too sweet for me…

  2. This is such a nice gift set! I love Lush sets, and the scents in this one sound really nice.

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