Pixi Eye Bright Kit Review and Concealer Swatches

I’ve said before that I don’t wear concealer very often. I think, in addition to not wanting to bother, I just never really knew how to use it properly.

Recently, I got to try out the Pixi Eye Bright Kit concealers. Were they awesome? Let’s see with the Pixi Eye Bright Kit review and swatches!

Pixi Eye Bright Kit Review: The BoxThe Eye Bright Kit comes in two shades: Fair/Medium and Medium/Tanned. I tried the Fair/Medium, pictured above in the classic green Pixi packaging.

Pixi Eye Bright Kit Review: The ConcealersThe kit doesn’t come with any applicator, so you’ll have to figure that out yourself. You could use your fingers, a Beautyblender, a brush or whatever else you have on hand. I used the Klix Concealer/Foundation Brush.

Pixi Eye Bright Kit Review: The ShadesWhen you open it up, you find four different shades. You’ve got a green eye brightener (use this over redness), two concealer shades and a shimmery highlighter.

Let’s see them in action! Onward for swatches!

Pixi Eye Bright Kit Review: SwatchesHere are the four shades in the same circular order as the other pictures above.

I have to say, I really liked this kit. I’ve used it quite a bit since getting it and I loved the coverage. I especially liked the green eye brightener to reduce redness on and around my nose.

While the consistency is good, these concealers can look a little dry around the nostrils if you’re not careful. I suggest using a primer first and making sure you don’t have any dry patches of skin. Moisturize!

You can see my flawless skin using this kit (with foundation as well) in these FOTDs: Citrus Candy Eye Shadow Look and A Minimal Makeup Look.

Pixi Eye Bright Kit Review: The Final Verdict

I loved the way these concealers looked on my skin, especially the green shade. However, they can look dry without the help of a primer. For these reasons, I give the Pixi Eye Bright Kit a…


You can pick this up at the Pixi website or Target stores for $18.


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  1. I’m actually pretty interested in this palette, especially for the green color. If used on the cheeks do you think it would emphasize or sink into pores at all?

  2. This looks good. I’ve never tried green concealer before. I like the idea of using it around my nose.
    Thanks for the review.

    • It may seem like an odd concept (it certainly did to me when I first heard about it years ago), but it actually works. The green cancels out the red and then you just look all amazing afterward. It’s like magic. I think everyone should own a green concealer.

  3. What a nice palette. I like that it contains several shades, so it will be able to correct a number of imperfections. I could actually use the green shade on my cheeks as they get a bit red sometimes.

  4. This palette of conceals looks really nice! I love that they have shades for all kinds of skin problems. It sounds really great.

  5. This palette of concealers looks really nice! I love that they have shades for all kinds of skin problems. It sounds really great.

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