For the Holidays: First Aid Beauty FAB Aglow Kit

Maybe you know someone who wants brighter skin. Or perhaps you know a gal with sensitive skin that’s always looking for better skincare products.

My favorite skincare brand for sensitive skin is First Aid Beauty, and they have a limited edition holiday skincare kit for those who are looking for added glow. Read on for the FAB Aglow Kit review to see if it’s right for the last remaining people on your holiday shopping list.

First Aid Beauty FAB Aglow Kit: The BoxThe kit comes in a nice box that could be easily wrapped and placed gently under a Christmas tree covered in a mountain of ornaments. For real.

First Aid Beauty FAB Aglow Kit: The ContentsInside, you’ll find…

  • FAB Face Cleanser (2 oz.)
  • FAB Facial Radiance Pads (28 pads)
  • FAB Facial Radiance Serum (1 oz.)

These sizes are small enough that they can make it through airport security no problem. Travel beauty products!

You use them in this order, AM and PM:

First Aid Beauty FAB Aglow Kit: Face CleanserYou start with the Face Cleanser. I love this cleanser because, while it isn’t harsh at all, it removes eye makeup better than any other cleanser I’ve tried (and I’ve tried quite a few!)

Even the heaviest eye makeup doesn’t stand a chance.

First Aid Beauty FAB Aglow Kit: Facial Radiance PadsIf you have any makeup residue or dirt left on your face after cleansing, the Facial Radiance Pads will take care of that.

They help exfoliate skin and promise to brighten up your face.

First Aid Beauty FAB Aglow Kit: Facial Radiance SerumFinally, you use the Facial Radiance Serum. This serum promises to brighten up skin.

While everything from this kit worked well for my sensitive skin, this serum did get a little prickly when I used it after showering. If this happens to you, I suggest waiting for your skin to cool and your pores to close before using it.

It’s gift time!

There isn’t much time left before Christmas! Let’s see if we can cross someone off your list.

The FAB Aglow Kit is perfect for…

  • those with sensitive skin
  • men and women alike
  • those wanting brighter skin
  • people looking for a new skincare brand
  • fans of First Aid Beauty
  • travelers
  • gift sets
  • gifts under $50

You can pick up this limited edition gift set at Sephora and Amazon for $34 suggested retail price.


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  1. What a nice set! I love the packaging.

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