Beauty Box 5 Review and Unboxing: January 2014

Now that I’m on my third box of Beauty Box 5 (a monthly subscription service where you get a box of curated beauty products in the mail for $12), I’ve reaffirmed the fact that I love getting mystery packages.

Even though I know the BB5 is coming, I almost never know anything about what’s inside. It’s like Christmas every month.

Why am I saying this? Because we have another Beauty Box 5 review to discuss! This time, we’re talking about the January 2014 box.

Let’s unbox this thing!

Beauty Box 5 Unboxing Video: January 2014

Notice the background? I’m playing with locations for my videos. What do you think of this setup? Probably better than the plain wall I was filming in front of before.

Beauty Box 5 Review: January 2014Here’s what came in the box:

That means the January 2013 BB5 is worth over $20 in full and sample size beauty products.

In the unboxing video, I was seeing everything for the very first time. Well, since I filmed that, I’ve gotten a better look at everything. Let’s have some in-depth reviews!

H2O Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash

Beauty Box 5 Review January 2014: H2O Plus Body WashIn the video, I was super confused about the scent of this H2O Plus body wash. At the time, I thought it smelled like salt and swimming pools.

Well, I’ve had time to use it and discover the scent a bit better. My conclusion? It reminds me of lavender bath salts. Still salty, but with a bit less of the swimming pool feel.

Do I like it? Well, as a body wash, it’s great. The scent really isn’t my thing, though.

Nubar Sweet Almond Cuticle & Nail Oil

Beauty Box 5 Review January 2014: Nubar Cuticle OilI love anything almond-scented. I’ve said it before.

Well, this almond cuticle oil by Nubar is great. It softened my cuticles and it smelled great. No complaints here! (Well, the brush was too stiff, but whatever.)

Swissco Bath & Shower Exfoliating Gloves

Beauty Box 5 Review January 2014: Swissco Exfoliating GlovesThis isn’t my first time using exfoliating gloves. I’ve also tried Daily Concepts’ version. The biggest difference between the two is the prickliness. The Swissco gloves aren’t nearly as prickly, but that means that at least my hands weren’t being tickled into submission while I used them.

As far as exfoliating goes, they did a very good job.

Beauty Box 5 Review January 2014: Swissco Exfoliating Gloves Close-UpPlus, they’re actually pretty adorable!

Jergens Daily Moisturizer

Beauty Box 5 Review January 2014: Jergens Daily MoisturizerIt was super hard to figure out the scent for this one. In the video, I said floral and perfumey, but that was a reach. Frankly, I could barely smell anything coming from that little tube.

When I got to use it, I realized that it didn’t really have much of a fragrance at all…and I like that. Plus it worked well as a moisturizer, which isn’t surprising since this is coming from Jergens.

Epic Blend Hemp Coconut Lip Balm

Beauty Box 5 Review January 2014: Epic Blend Lip BalmOne of the biggest problems that happens with lip balms from small companies? They tend to be way too hard and waxy.

Epic Blend lip balm doesn’t have that problem. It was soft and smooth and did a good job moisturizing my lips. The coconut scent was a bit strong, but otherwise this was a good lip balm.

BONUS: That Awkward Moment Mirror Compact

Beauty Box 5 Review January 2014: That Awkward Moment CompactNormally, we only get 5 things in our Beauty Box 5 shipments. Well, this month was special: we got a bonus item!

Beauty Box 5 Review January 2014: That Awkward Moment Compact - OpenThat’s right, we got a promotional mirrored compact for the upcoming movie, That Awkward Moment.

As I suspected in my unboxing video, I’ve seen trailers for this movie. It looks good! It stars Zac Efron and it looks funny and cute. Here’s the trailer so you can decide for yourself!

Yeah, it looks good.

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Have an awesome Wednesday!


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