Butter LONDON Nail Polish in Trallop: See it in Action!

Beige, pale nail polish is all the rage right now. The closer us pale gals get to having our nails match our skin color, the better, apparently. I decided to try butter LONDON Nail Polish in Trallop, a part of the new spring 2014 Boho Rock Collection, to test out this trend.

Maria Menounos using butter LONDON Nail Polish in TrallopRemember I said pale nails are trendy? Well, now it’s official. Here’s Maria Menounos, co-host of Extra, getting her own pale manicure with butter LONDON’s Trallop.

butter LONDON Nail Polish in Trallop: The BottleAs you can see, Trallop is a really pale beige color. I reviewed a different beige from butter LONDON last year called Tea & Toast, but that was a lot darker than Trallop by comparison.

Let’s see how it looks in action!

butter LONDON Nail Polish in Trallop NOTDThis is only one coat of Trallop. You read that correctly: one coat. Isn’t that amazing? That’s one of my favorite things about butter LONDON. So many (but not all) of their nail polishes are one-coat wonders.

Yep. This is really close to my skin color. In fact, it was so close to my skin color that I found it a bit distracting. If I just glanced down, it was like I didn’t have any nails at all.

Honestly, this might look better on someone lighter or darker than I am. Or maybe I just need to get used to this trend. Yep, that’s probably it…

What’s your favorite nail trend?

A lot’s been going on in the world of nails in the last few years. Nail art is becoming hugely popular. So, what’s your favorite trend?

Right now, I’m really into loose nail glitter, elaborate nail art and nail caviar.

Let’s chat about it in the comments!


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  1. I have Crumpet, which complements my NC42 complexion pretty well. My favorite nail trend is nail stamping. It’s so easy for someone like me who can’t do nail art to save her life. 🙂

  2. I’m not a big fan of natural shade like this, but I’m very impressed that it only required one coat. That’s amazing!

  3. Hmmm, I think this look is OK. I tend to like the darker shades. I have a really pretty Deep Burgandy Glitter Nail Polish that I received for Christmas and I love it!

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