BeautyADDICTS Take on Radiant Orchid Eye Shadow and Lip Gloss

Last week, I showed you what Pixi Beauty had in mind when it came to the color of the year, Radiant Orchid, which seemed too pink for me and the commenters on the post. It just didn’t match what we had in mind for Radiant Orchid. This time, we’re going to see what beautyADDICTS has in mind for Radiant Orchid eye shadow and lip gloss.

But first, another reminder of what Pantone intends with Radiant Orchid:

That’s straight from Pantone, the color specialists. Based on this picture, Radiant Orchid is a purple with hints of fuchsia. Let’s see what beautyADDICTS came up with from their current cosmetics line.

beautyADDICTS Take on Radiant Orchid Eye Shadow and Lip GlossBA came up with three products they thought fit the color of the year:

Let’s talk about the lip glosses first.

beautyADDICTS Radiant Orchid Lip GlossesIf you need a reminder of what Radiant Orchid is supposed to be, just scroll up to the top of this post, then back down to these glosses. What do you think? Are they Radiant Orchid?

To me, Tease, the lighter color, is a lot more Radiant Orchid than Fierce. At the very least, it has a bit of purple in it.

(I used Fierce in a recent FOTD if you want to see it in action.)

beautyADDICTS Radiant Orchid Lip Gloss SwatchesSwatches!

These are fairly pigmented for a lip gloss. They have a somewhat sticky texture and the color lasts for an hour or two. Still, not Radiant Orchid, and that’s what we’re here for. They’re just too pink.

beautyADDICTS Radiant Orchid eye shadowWhat about the eye shadow quad? This is the first product from either beautyADDICTS or Pixi that actually had purple in it. Success!

beautyADDICTS Radiant Orchid eye shadow swatches

While the Motivate quad is definitely more of a Radiant Orchid eye shadow set, it still doesn’t totally match up with the color of the year. It’s a lot more of a plum color scheme that Radiant Orchid.

Compared to Pixi, beautyADDICTS did a better job at coming up with something in this color. Granted, it’s still not a home run.

What do you think? Is this what you had in mind when you heard about Radiant Orchid?

Let’s chat about it in the comments!


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  1. Those lipglosses are very pretty! I like the quad, too, but none of the shades in it even resembles radiant orchid!

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