NOTD: Celestial Nail Art for a Starry Night

Near the beginning of 2012 (just over two years ago!), I created a Starry Night Sky NOTD. Basically, I used black nail polish as the base and then created a sparkly gradient at the tip. It was certainly a pretty manicure at the time. Well, today I’ve improved on the starry night manicure and created a new one I call Celestial Nail Art.

Let’s see how I channeled the stars!

NOTD: Celestial Nail Art - A Starry Night Sky With Nail PolishRather than the black base from the other NOTD, I wanted to use a dark blue. I chose butter LONDON Nail Polish in Big Smoke. It just seemed like a better choice of color and the perfect shade of blue. The black from last time was just too harsh.

Celestial Nail Art: Star Nail PolishNow for the stars!

First, I used the Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish in Kaleidoscope. I started applying it at the tip to about 2/3 of the way toward the cuticle. Then, with each coat, I did more at the tip and less on the rest of the nail to create the gradient.

Then I wanted to add a few celestial bodies of different sizes. These could be planets or far-off solar systems! Black holes! For that, I did a coat of Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots Nail Polish in Clearly Spotted on each tip. This created the black and white spots of varying sizes.

What do you think of the Celestial Nail Art?

Does this remind you of the night sky? Would you try this on your own nails?

Personally, I think this attempt was way better than the Starry Night Sky NOTD of two years ago. Click on that link if you want to compare the two!

Let’s chat about it in the comments!


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  1. It looks like a starry sky indeed, so sparkly and mysterious! Love it!

  2. I love it! It’s mysterious and pretty at the same time. I would defiantly try this. ????

  3. I just looked back at the Starry Night nails with the black base. That one was pretty cool too.

  4. omg I saw this on Pinterest and pretty much flipped out, SUCH A COOL MANI. Must remember to try immediately.

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