Iroha Nature Review: Treatment Gloves, Socks and Chocolate Mask

We recently had one of the biggest at-home spa days of the year. What holiday is that? Valentine’s Day!

I can’t be the only single girl out there that likes to pamper herself on Valentine’s Day while watching romantic movies. On the menu for an at-home spa day? This time I tried Iroha Nature’s line of products for feet, hands and face.

Iroha Nature Review: Treatment Gloves, Treatment Socks and Chocolate MaskPampering. That’s the word of the day.

Iroha Nature features lots of products, but I tried these three:

I tried them all out, and now I’ll tell you all about them! Get ready for the Iroha Nature review!

Iroha Repairing Treatment Socks

Iroha Nature Review: Repairing Treatment SocksTreatment Socks are one-time-use. They are these plastic socks with a cloth lining and they’re filled with a serum/moisturizer. You just put them on your clean feet and wait 15 to 20 minutes. When you take them off, just rub the leftover serum into your feet.

There are a few different versions of the Treatment Socks. The Repairing version is peach scented—and boy is it! The peach scent is pretty strong, but I liked it, so I didn’t mind.

Here’s the problem: while the serum softened the tops of my feet well, it wasn’t strong or thick enough to do any good to the soles of my feet—especially the heels. I think the serum is just too thin to make any real difference. That’s why I give it a…


You can pick this up at the Iroha website, Ulta or Bed, Bath and Beyond for $9.

Iroha Regenerating Treatment Gloves

Iroha Nature Review: Regenerating Treatment GlovesThe Treatment Gloves work in the same way as the Treatment Socks. You wear them on your hands for 15 to 20 minutes, take them off, and rub the serum into your hands and nails.

This has the same strong peach scent as well. When I used these, I tried both the gloves and the socks at the same times. I was like a walking peach!

Because hands are a lot more delicate than feet, the serum for the gloves worked a lot better on hands. My hands were soft and smelled great. Still, I expected a bit more moisture than what I got. For these reasons, it gets a…


You can pick this up at the Iroha website, Ulta and Bed, Bath and Beyond for $9.

Iroha Sensual Day Chocolate and Shea Butter Facial Mask

Iroha Nature Review: Sensual Day Chocolate Face MaskWhile the other items in this review are one-time-use, that’s not the case for the Sensual Day chocolate mask. You can use this several times, and the pouch is re-sealable.

To use, you just apply the mask to your freshly washed face, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water.

My favorite thing about this mask is the scent. It smells exactly like hot cocoa! I’m not normally much of a chocolate girl, but I absolutely love hot cocoa. To have my face smell that way, even for 15 minutes, is awesome.

After rinsing off the mask, my face felt soft and smooth. The results were nice, but not anything amazing or dramatic. This mask is for when you want something somewhat subtle—and you want it to involve chocolate. For these reasons, I give it a…


You can pick this up at the Iroha website and Fred Meyers for $8.

What do you think? Would you try any of these for your at-home spa day?

Let’s chat about it in the comments!


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  1. The chocolate masks sounds delicious! And it’s great that you can get several uses out of it.

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