100 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself Right Now

A lot of us look to the future, especially when it comes to self-improvement. I’m a victim of this myself. I think of all sorts of ways I want to improve myself in every aspect of my life.

But what about who we are right now?

Not in a year. Not after you lose all the weight. Not after you get a boyfriend, that awesome job, that plastic surgery. RIGHT NOW.

As great as it is to want to improve, it’s also important to love yourself just as you are, right at this very moment.

Remember that great quote from Juno? Juno’s dad says this:

“Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.”

– Mac MacGuff

We want this in a mate, but shouldn’t we want it in ourselves?

To help you loving yourself right now, I’ve made a list!

100 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself Right Now

  1. Because you deserve some self-love. We all do!

  2. You’ve realized that it’s time to start loving yourself.
  3. You’re smarter than you once were. You’ve learned a lot over the last 10 years, 5 years. Whether from books or real life, you’re smarter now.
  4. Because you can find physical reasons why you’re beautiful. They’re there. Everyone has them.
  5. Just the fact that you want to improve yourself means you care enough to love yourself right now.

  6. Your life could fill a book. A book about you!
  7. No one is quite like you.
  8. You’re worthy of love, especially from yourself.
  9. You want to set a good example for the women around you. And the men!

  10. You want to set a good example for your kids.
  11. You want to show your friends that it’s cool to love yourself.
  12. Because you’ve realized that self-hate makes you look bad.
  13. You’re tired of being such a pessimist.

  14. Self-hate makes you feel bad.
  15. Because you believe Christina Aguilera when she tells you you’re beautiful.
  16. You want your outward confidence to match how you feel on the inside.
  17. You are beautiful. Seriously. It’s time to start believing it.

  18. Somebody loves you. It could be your parents, your partner, your kids—even your dog. And, if someone loves you, then you should, too.
  19. You’re sick of being sad.
  20. Because it’s time to start.
  21. You’ll have less negative thoughts.

  22. You love other people despite their faults. You should do the same for yourself.
  23. Because you’ll have more time to think of other things that are a lot more important.
  24. You’re sick of having low self-esteem and low self-confidence.
  25. You’d rather love yourself right now than wait for it to happen later on.

  26. Because you know you should.
  27. Because you want to.
  28. You don’t want to fall for the cultural pressure to devalue yourself.
  29. Because it’s a lot more fun to live life in a positive way. I know from experience!

  30. There’s always someone out there that prefers your brand of beauty. Big, skinny, short, tall, pear-shaped, ass-less…someone finds you sexy as you are right now.
  31. Because it doesn’t matter if other people love you. You’re the only one that matters.
  32. Because you realize that, if you want other people to love you, you first need to love yourself.
  33. Because, even if you’re all alone, there’s still someone that loves you: you.

  34. You’ll have an easier time living life the way you want it to be.
  35. You won’t take crap from others nearly as easily.
  36. Once you love yourself, you can direct that love outward a lot easier.
  37. Others will notice the change and like what they see.

  38. You’ll have an easier time figuring out what you want out of life.
  39. You hate people thinking that you have low self-esteem—especially when they’re right.
  40. Because you’re actually pretty awesome.
  41. You can do something really well. It might be playing the piano, calming down a crying baby or building Ikea furniture. You know what it is, and you’re awesome at it.

  42. You want to be looked up to as a self-confident and secure woman.
  43. It would help your career.
  44. It would help your romantic relationships.
  45. It would help your friendships.

  46. It would help your interactions with strangers.
  47. People will feel your self-love and want you around.
  48. Because you’ve always wanted to.
  49. You’re going to your high school reunion soon. Self-confidence is better than any diet.

  50. You want to reinvent yourself—the first step of which is to love yourself madly.
  51. Because you know better.
  52. You’ll have a much easier time achieving your goals.
  53. You’ll take care of yourself better.

  54. You’ll have less depression and sadness.
  55. You want to see what all the fuss is about.
  56. Everyone tells you how great you are.
  57. You’re just like everyone else. And everyone deserves love.

  58. Because you hate procrastinating. Might as well start loving yourself now rather than putting it off until later.
  59. You want to feel what it’s like to be confident and secure.
  60. You want to be cool. Cool people love themselves!
  61. You want to be like your favorite self-confident actress/movie character/book character.

  62. You don’t want to waste your time hating yourself.
  63. Because you’ll stop tolerating bad treatment from others.
  64. You’ll start demanding respect.
  65. John Legend’s “All of Me” makes you feel awesome about yourself.

  66. Because someone should love you. Why not you?
  67. Because you clean up nice. Seriously, you look awesome when you do your hair and put on a nice outfit. Sexy!
  68. Everything is so much easier when you’re confident.
  69. You want to have fun, and self-deprecation isn’t fun.

  70. You don’t want to be known as the girl who hates herself.
  71. Because you could make a list of 100 reasons why you’re awesome if you sat down and tried. (And you should totally do it!)
  72. Because you’re sick of having to read articles/blog posts like this one.
  73. You’ll start taking better care of yourself—inside and out.

  74. Because you attract what you are. If you love yourself, you’ll draw in people and pets that love you, too.
  75. Because the stress of self-hate is having a negative effect on your sleep.
  76. You want to be your best self.
  77. You have other things to worry about.

  78. You only have one life: time to make it great right now.
  79. Because success in reaching your goals starts with loving yourself.
  80. If something goes wrong in your life (and it happens to everyone) you’ll have an easier time handling it.
  81. Self-love turns into self-confidence pretty quickly.

  82. With self-confidence, you’ll have confidence in many areas of your life.
  83. You’ll be a lot more ambitious in your life.
  84. It’ll be easier to take risks.
  85. You’ll have an easier time getting over the bad things that happened in your past.

  86. You’ll have an easier time with forgiveness—whether it’s forgiving others or yourself.
  87. Because you’ll treat others with more respect when you give yourself a lot of respect as well.
  88. You’ll feel better. Period.
  89. Your social life will improve.

  90. You’ll have an easier time accepting compliments.
  91. You’ll have an easier time accepting criticism.
  92. You won’t find it so annoying when Facebook friends post about the great things happening in their lives.
  93. Good things tend to happen to people with lots of confidence and self-esteem.

  94. You’ll respect your body more.
  95. You’ll respect your feelings and intuition more.
  96. You’ll have an easier time distinguishing great people from the ones who aren’t worth your time.
  97. Because you’re you have every reason to love yourself right now. You just might not see it so easily through all the negative self-talk.

  98. At least you aren’t a public mess like some celebrities!
  99. Because if you don’t love yourself, who will?
  100. Because I said so!

Do you love yourself right now?

Do any of the items on the list speak to you? Or do you have another reason for you to love yourself right now that I didn’t add to the list?

Let’s chat about it in the comments!


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  1. What a wonderful and inspiring post! Thank you, Trisha!

  2. Aww I love this! So inspiring and uplifting, and yes to #29 especially. That is some truth right there.

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