Ulta Birthday Freebie 2014: CK One Mascara

Did you know that if you’re an Ulta ULTAmate Rewards member (membership is free) you get a free gift for your birthday? Yep, it’s true!

And, since this is my first birthday as a member—thanks to an Ulta store opening in my town last October—I got my free gift!

Before you start wishing me a happy birthday, the big day still hasn’t happened yet—it’s at the end of the month. Ulta sends out your birthday gift coupon on the first day of your birthday month so you can get it whenever you want!

Oh, and guess what? No purchase necessary. You just walk into Ulta, hand them the coupon that you got in your email, and they hand you the mascara. Easy, peasy!

Ulta Birthday Freebie 2014: CK One MascaraWhat’s the birthday gift this time? A full-sized CK One Mascara. Yep, full-sized. For free. Seriously.

CK One Mascara TubeCheck out the weird packaging. I say “weird” because of how rounded it is. It looks different from most mascara tubes.

This Calvin Klein mascara normally goes for $18.

CK One Mascara: Twist the HandleAnother weird thing about this mascara is the brush. You twist the end of the handle and the brush twists a bit. Supposedly, you twist it in one direction for volume and the other for length and definition. I haven’t quite figured out if there’s any real difference.

CK One Mascara WandThe wand is thin and the bristles, made of lycra, are relatively short.

Despite the confusing wand, this mascara is actually pretty good. It does especially well at everyday makeup looks.

Have you gotten your birthday gift yet?

Have you been an Ulta royalty member long enough to get a free birthday gift? When you did, was it this mascara? Did you like it?

Let’s chat about it in the comments.


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  1. That’s so nice of Ulta. I wish stores here did something like this too. Happy birthday, Trisha!

  2. My b-day is in May so I’ll be on the look out for the coupon.

    Interesting mascara .. I’ve looked at the CK line but haven’t purchased anything.


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