Check Out the New Pixi Makeup Brush Collection

I’ve long since been a fan of Pixi Beauty. I especially like their soft and buttery eye shadows. Well, I have some good news: They now have a Pixi makeup brush collection for Spring 2014. Yeah, I’m excited.

Pixi Makeup Brush Collection: The BrushesThe brush collection comes with 9 cruelty-free makeup brushes. The handles all have that classic green you find with any Pixi beauty products.

Pixi Makeup Brush Collection: The Brushes 2Each brush is sold separately. You could get…

  • Pixi Cheek Brush ($22)
  • Pixi Cream Base Brush ($16)
  • Pixi Crease Brush ($14)
  • Pixi Shadow Brush ($14)
  • Pixi Precision Brush ($12)
  • Pixi Flat Liner Brush ($12)
  • Pixi Cat Liner Brush ($12)
  • Pixi Lip Bursh ($10)
  • Pixi Lash & Brow Brush ($8)

I’ve tried them all out (I am your guinea pig, after all), so let’s go through each one.

Pixi Makeup Brush Collection: Cheek Brush and Cream Base BrushCheek Brush: This soft round brush’s bristles are just stiff enough to be able to do some super nice rosy cheeks with a good powder blush. In fact, this is my favorite of the entire Pixi makeup brush collection. It’s not too floppy like some other cheek brushes out there.

Cream Base Brush: You can use this one for foundation or any other cream product. The brush is rather wide, so it’s not the best for getting around the nose or other tight spaces. Otherwise, it’s a keeper.

Pixi Makeup Brush Collection: Eye Shadow BrushesOn to the eye shadow brushes!

Crease Brush: This brush is larger and floppier than I’m used to in a crease brush. I think it works better as an overall blending brush.

Shadow Brush: I would have preferred the bristles a little stiffer, but this is still a good eye shadow brush. It picks up color well and does a good job at blending.

Precision Brush: This is my favorite of the shadow brushes. As the name would suggest, you can use it for precision work, like a pop of color at the inside corner of the eye. It’s also stiff and small enough to use as a liner brush.

Pixi Makeup Brush Collection: Liner BrushesSpeaking of liner brushes…

Flat Liner: The thin, flat brush head makes this one a good choice if you want a thin line that lands super close to the lash line.

Cat Liner Brush: This is my second favorite brush of this collection, right behind the cheek brush. It’s perfect for creating any kind of line—whether a cat-eye line or something a bit more subtle. The angled brush head makes it super easy to use.

Pixi Makeup Brush Collection: Lip BrushLip Brush: This lip brush has a small, thin brush head. It’s perfect for ladies with smaller lips, or if you want precision.

Pixi Makeup Brush Collection: Lash & Brow BrushLash & Brow Brush: This one’s pretty standard. Kind of hard to mess up one of these, right?

What do you think of the new Pixi Makeup Brush Collection? Of all the brushes, which one would you want to try the most?

Let’s chat about it in the comments!

You can pick up these brushes on the Pixi website.


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  1. Hmm, I’m in the market for some brushes, and I may have to check out the flat liner since I don’t have one or maybe the precision brush and crease brush. Just wish they’re a little cheaper so I may get pulled in by the Sonia Kashuk brushes while I’m looking at Pixi at Target 😉

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