My Effie Trinket Costume for the Diva Day 5K

I’ve been running in a lot of races this year. As of this weekend, I’ve been in eight in 2014, including the Missoula Half Marathon.

My latest race was the All Women’s Diva Day 5K. It’s a local 5K race specifically for women. And here’s the coolest part: everyone dresses up.

Most people wear tutus or feather boas. There’s seriously a lot of pink at this thing. (Yay! Pink!) That’s what I did last year, too, but this year I wanted to do something a little different.

I wanted to dress up like Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games!

Planning the Effie Trinket Costume

For makeup inspiration, I used this official Effie Trinket picture:

Effie Trinket Costume InspirationThat’s some nice makeup right there. I had a few goals for my Effie Trinket costume:

  • Only spend money on the wig. I don’t have a big budget.
  • Use makeup I already own, and no typical Halloween costume makeup.
  • Have fun!

We’ll talk about how I did the makeup toward the end of this post. First, let’s talk about the race.

The Look Before the Race

My Effie Trinket Costume for the Diva Day 5KHi! I’m Effie Trinket!

This was only about 15 minutes before the race started.

See that outfit? Yep, I wore a dress for a 5K race. Luckily, it was a comfortable dress. Totally fine to run in.

Right when I got into line, people were complimenting my costume and a lady asked if she could take my picture. Success! Because, honestly, I was afraid no one would know who I was.

You Mean You Ran in That Costume?

One of my concerns was whether the wig would stay on while I ran. Luckily, it stayed in place with the help of some well-placed bobby pins.

This is the wig I got:

It’s technically a Lady Gaga wig, but it looked like it would be good for Effie Trinket, too.

For a $10 wig, it actually worked really well. I even had a few people ask if these were my real curls. (I wish.)

Now, my makeup was a different story. As I ran, I could feel my face dripping with sweat.

“Uh oh, this is going to all melt off by the time I get through the finish line,” I thought to myself as I passed the two-mile mark. I was sweating a lot, but I made sure not to blot it away. After all, that would totally make it worse.

I ran through the finish line, self conscious of my sweaty face. As I waited for my mom to cross the finish line, a race volunteer yelled, “Hi, Effie!” at me. Okay, maybe I wasn’t as melty as I thought.

After my mom crossed the finish line (go mom!) I asked her if my face was still good. Surprisingly, it was.

Why do I bring this up? Two reasons:

  1. I must have done a good job on that makeup for it to stick in place through all that sweating.
  2. I didn’t take any close-up pictures of the makeup until after the race. Sorry guys, but it was just way too early in the morning to do it before.

But, I’m sure you want to hear about how I did the makeup, right?

How to Do Effie Trinket Makeup

My Effie Trinket Costume: The MakeupThis was my face about two hours after I crossed the finish line. It’s a little haggard, but still good.

For the white face makeup, I used:

In the end, it was a pretty good white base for my face. It looked especially good before the race, like the picture toward the beginning of this post.

My Effie Trinket Costume: The Eye MakeupRemember I wanted to use products that I already own? Well, Effie Trinket’s false eyelashes are actually an interesting bold black, but I didn’t have anything like that. I used some other bold false eyelashes instead.

Here’s what I used:

That’s it! Just two shadow colors, a mascara and fake lashes to make that bold eye look and bright pink cheek.

My Effie Trinket Costume: The LipsI think I did a pretty good job matching my lips to the official Effie Trinket picture I used for inspiration.

Here’s how I did it:

  • Pixi Concealing Concentrate concealer over my lips to hide my natural color
  • NYX Eyeshadow Base in White to make my lips whiter to match my face
  • The same white eye shadow I used on my face to help set the concealer
  • Luzier Lipstick in Cranberry Crush. I used the Pixi Lip Brush to get it on precise
  • Over that, I used the Savage pigment from the UD Electric Palette to punch up the color and set the lipstick.
  • I used Urban from the UD Electric Palette for some purple shading in the middle of the lips.

Of all the makeup I did for my Effie Trinket costume, I think the lips were the most successful.

What are you dressing as for Halloween?

Speaking of costumes, what are you doing for Halloween? I was thinking of being Effie Trinket again, but this time making a Zombie Effie or Vampire Effie. We’ll see!


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