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I just checked: It’s been months since I hosted a giveaway. Shame on me!

It’s a new year, so let’s start fresh, shall we? For today’s giveaway, one lucky winner will get a box full of Pixi beauty products. These are some beauty essentials that just about anyone can use.

Are you ready to win?

What You’ll Win

Pixi Beauty Giveaway: What You'll WinOne lucky winner, chosen randomly, will receive this colorful box full of stuff! Makeup brushes, concealer, and eyebrow duo and a mascara. Getting excited yet?

Pixi Beauty Giveaway: Enter to Win!The Pixi Beauty giveaway winner will get…

All together, this box of Pixi beauty products is worth $64. Ready to win?

Contest Rules

The Pixi Beauty giveaway starts right now and ends Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 12:00 AM Mountain Time.

To be eligible, you must be 18 years of age or older and reside in US or Canada. I’ll pick one random winner from the eligible entries and they will be contacted via email. If I don’t hear from the winner within 48 hours after I contact them, I’ll pick a new winner. Remember to get back to me!

Then, I’ll send you the prize in the mail.

How to Enter the Pixi Beauty Giveaway

Just use the widget below! You have three possible entries for the prize, and only the first one is mandatory.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! I’m rooting for you!


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  1. My New Year’s resolution this year is to fix my house. As a single mom I have let a few things go in my house and I need to fix them this year.

  2. Happy New Year! And thank you for the giveaway! I am very interested in the Natural Brow Duo. I am usually nervous to do my brows, because most products seem to over do it. But it seems like a good product to try.

  3. My resolution is to drink more water and less caffeinated drinks.

  4. My resolution is to get organized! I am so tired of the clutter.

  5. Just the usual .. eat clean, exercise more .. lol.


  6. My New Year’s resolution is to eat out/order takeout less often and do more cooking.

  7. Mine is to eat healthier.

  8. yes mine is to drink more water and less pop.

  9. My resolution is to read more.

  10. Mine is to spend more fun time with my family!

  11. Read a book a week. Just finished my 1st book for the year today so I’m on track 🙂

  12. Eat more vegetables

  13. Yes, to start cooking more rather then eating prepared foods.

  14. My goal is to get more rest at night.

  15. My goals this year are to stick to eating healthy in general and severely cut back on eating out as well as incorporating more exercise.

  16. My New Year’s Resolution is just to keep on my weightloss journey. Thanks for the chance!

  17. My resolution is to exercise more.

  18. i wanna lose weight

  19. My New Year’s resolution is to volunteer more of my time at my daughter’s school and our church because I want to give something back to my community.

  20. My new year’s resolution is be get more active and to get back into hiking.

  21. I normally don’t make New Years resolutions. I think they are too easy to break. However, I have promised myself, I’m going to make myself more available for my friends.

  22. My New Year’s resolution is to exercise more regularly and to tell my husband that I appreciate him every day.

  23. I want to be consistent with my daily walking this year.

  24. Yes, to stress less

  25. no not really I just decided to not worry about my weight and just try to eat better and move more

  26. one…to stop smoking

  27. Mine is just to enjoy life and have fun with my family! 🙂

  28. I want to lose some weight

  29. Be a better person, eat healthy and exercise more

  30. To take better care of my skin.

  31. I would like to save more money this year.

  32. I usually don’t make resoluitions-I figure that at age 65, if I haven’t changed yet, I probably won’!

  33. Drink more water

  34. To find a new hobby!

  35. Nope, we don’t bother with resolutions! Lol, we make changes when they need to be made, no point in waiting months to start on a special day.!
    Love Pixi, I got an eye shimmer in my Ipsy box! Amazing!

  36. My resolution is to eat better, exercise more, and get rid of all the stuff I don’t use anymore!

  37. I actually use New Year’s as a “goal” setter. My New Year’s resolutions “goals” are to: Learn something new every month (this month it’s to become better at saving money via coupons, bargain shopping, etc.) smile more, be even kinder, budget better, and live healthier through various changes starting with cutting back on soda consumption.

  38. I would like to lose weight and start a savings account.

  39. i do not typically do new years resolutions because i like to set goals throughout the year, one thing i would like to do this year though is get more sleep!

  40. My resolution is to lose fifty pounds by summer.

  41. I didn’t make resolutions..I made goals this year….to quit smoking, declutter my house and to eat healther and move more!

  42. To eat more healthier and drink more water as i am pregnant! Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

  43. My resolution is to take better care of my health.

  44. My New Years resolution is to spread positivity. I also want to create a connection with my inner self. I want to meditate, eat better, and work on being a better person. Blessings.

  45. My new years resolution is to save money.

  46. My resolution is to work out more.

  47. My new year’s resolution is to spend more time pampering myself.. I neglected it last year!

  48. My New Year Resolution is to be healthy! Thanks!

  49. My resolution is to spend more time outside and spend more time with friends and family!

  50. To be healthier and happier!

  51. my new years resolution is to eat healthier

  52. My resolution is to stop eating packaged foods. So far so good! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  53. I dont make any resolutions because typically I cant keep them…ie weight, smoking, fitness, etc.

    I drive a truck, my lifestyle is sedentary and yes I would like to change those things so I am making a commitment to change but not a resolution.

  54. Yes i do its to lose weight this year

  55. To always be positive and a believer.

  56. My resolution is to pay down and get out of debt

  57. My new years resolution is to get fit and healthy and save money

  58. My resolution is to wear lipstick every day in January!

  59. To be happy and believe in myself more.

  60. My biggest resolution is to start running again. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  61. Eat more healthy! I’ve been splurging on fast food 🙁

  62. My resolution is to lose another 50lbs and complete 2 5ks.

  63. My resolution is to stop worrying about tomorrow so much that I don’t enjoy today.

  64. My resolution for 2015 is to be kind to myself and by that I mean get adequate sleep! Sounds simple but in reality is far from- wish me luck!

  65. My new years resolution is to work on perfecting my abs!

  66. I would like to lose 10 or 15 pounds.

  67. My new year’s resolution is to survive this semester and maintain my 4.0 GPA. I’m graduating from college in May, and this will be a very tough semester. I have a very big research project, an internship, a class where we’re doing consulting for a business (all 3 of these count for class credit), as well as 4 other classes on top of that. It’s almost like cramming 2 semesters’ worth of work into 1. So my goal is to make it out of college with my GPA and sanity intact. Haha.

  68. No I didn’t make one because I will break it, which leads to disappointment.
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com


  70. I want to eat more fruits and vegetables at each meal.

  71. My new years goal is to present myself more appropriately for my age and achieve some of the goals I set out to do last year.

  72. Mine is to eat healthier!

  73. i reslove to train my dogs

  74. My resolution is to not drink soda and drink more water.

  75. I have to realize that I am not perfect. Thank you

  76. I’d like to eat healthier.

  77. My resolution is to make this year better than last year. Thanks!

  78. My resolution is to work more on family life and health. Easily forgotten in the rush of life!

  79. No I don’t make them because I would never stick to it.

  80. My resolution is to drink less soda this year.

  81. My resolution this year is to become a more organized person.

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