Why Makeup ISN’T False Advertising (And Other Tales)

Hey ladies! As some of you may know, I’m not just a beauty blogger—I’m also a professional writer for a myriad of clients.

Well, I recently started tapping the keys for PuckerMob, a fun lifestyle website. Here are a few of my recent articles, some of which I know you’ll like!

Why Wearing Makeup ISN'T False AdvertisingI get really pissed off at some of the comments I see on makeup and beauty YouTube videos. All this “makeup is false advertising” bunk is annoying. So, I wrote Why Wearing Makeup ISN’T False Advertising.

11 Thoughts Every Curly-Haired Girl Has HadNeed some curly-haired bonding time? Then check out 11 Thoughts Every Curly-Haired Girl Has Had. Us curly girls are like our own little community.

40 Instagram Pictures to Take That AREN'T SelfiesI love Instagram. And, if you looked at my Instagram profile, you’d see that I almost never take selfies. If you want to take other kinds of pictures, check out 40 Instagram Pictures to Take That AREN’T Selfies.

30 Things They Never Told You About Your ThirtiesMy 32nd birthday is coming up in a few months. Although I’m a 30s newbie, I’ve still learned a thing or two about this oft-dreaded decade. If you’re fearing your 30s, come check out why it’s not so bad in 30 Things They Never Told You About Your Thirties.

11 Reasons Why You'd Love (or Hate) Working From HomeLike I said, I’m a professional writer. As such, I work from home. If you’ve ever thought about working from home, check out 11 Reasons Why You’d Love (or Hate) Working From Home before you take the plunge.

What do you think? And if you ever want to see everything I’ve written at PuckerMob, check out my author page.

Have an awesome week!


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