Beauty Box 5 Review: July 2015

No! Summer’s already halfway over! Say it ain’t so!

Let’s distract ourselves with another BB5. Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription services where you spend $12 a month and they send you a box of 5 full and sample beauty products.

Time for the July box!

Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Unboxing Video

If all goes according to plan, this is the last BB5 with this hair. Stay tuned for some changes soon! *crosses fingers*

Beauty Box 5 July 2015: The BoxIn the July 2015 box, I got…

This is a really good box when it comes to value. You pay $12, but there’s over $30 worth of stuff in there. Nice!

OFRA Lip Gloss

Beauty Box 5 July 2015: OFRA Lip GlossI got the Truffle shade of lip gloss in this month’s box. It’s like a mix of brown lip gloss with orange sparkles that tends to have a bronze finish. It looks darker in the bottle, though, and goes on sheer and subtle.

OFRA Lip Liner

Beauty Box 5 July 2015: OFRA Lip LinerThe lip liner tends to go very well with the lip gloss. No surprise!

Beauty Box 5 July 2015: OFRA Lip Liner in SpicyI got the Spicy color, which is a subtle peachy brown. It ended up being the exact same color as my natural lip color. That may seem like a bummer, but when you’re trying to go outside the lines, it’s perfect.

I would have liked it if the liner was a little softer. The hardness meant it pulled at my delicate lip skin. Otherwise, it was a good liner—not as clumpy as that very first swatch in the video.

Nanacoco Nail Polish

Beauty Box 5 July 2015: Nanacoco Nail Polish in Orange WonderlandIn the unboxing video, I mentioned how happy I was that I didn’t have a color like this one in my collection. Orange Wonderland is a muted metallic orange—and it’s a very nice color.

While it wasn’t as sheer as I expected it to be (which is nice), there is one problem. Do you see it in the picture?

This stuff is hella bubbly. There are lumps and bumps and air bubbles all over my nails. It’s weird, because I’ve never had this problem with any of the other Nanacoco nail polishes I’ve tried. Odd.

Love Life Skin

Beauty Box 5 July 2015: Love Life Skin SamplesIt’s really difficult to judge a skincare product with such small samples.

I will say that both of these have a very slight chemical scent. Also, the Restorative Night Cream is pretty greasy, but that’s okay for a night cream.

Pur-Lisse Flash Tattoos

Beauty Box 5 July 2015: Pur-Lisse Flash TattoosAs I mentioned in the unboxing video, I’ve been noticing flash tattoos and have been intrigued. Well…

This is my favorite thing in this month’s box! By far!

Beauty Box 5 July 2015: Pur-Lisse Flash Tattoos in ActionI loved how this looked so much that I’ve actually been looking online to buy more. I want ALL THE FLASH TATTOOS!

Beauty Box 5, you’ve created a monster.


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  1. I hadn’t seen these colors in an unboxing yet. Mine is never coming (yeah, I’m whiner, lol), so I can only speculate on how glorious they would have been. On the upside, I bought a Box of Joy from Luxe Pineapple that was easily the best purchase I’ve made (out of anything) this month. But…metallic tattoos would’ve been amazeballs.

  2. That was a Great unboxing! I want to try the lip gloss for sure.

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