Pink is the New Black: My Pink Hair Journey

You may recall my recent yearning for new hair. I didn’t exactly keep it secret. After years of sporting my super long dyed-black curls, I yearned for something different. Something…colorful.

Last March, I stopped dying my hair in order to grow out as much of the black as I could but, in the end, my impatience won and I headed to the hairstylist.

This is significant guys. Why? Because I hadn’t gone to a stylist in 17 years. No joke—I’ve been dying, cutting and styling my own hair that whole time. But this time, I wanted something I just couldn’t do myself.

Pink is the New Black: The InspirationThis is the inspiration I brought to my stylist, Andrea Wyman of Canvas Studios Salon in Missoula, Montana. I wanted that pink hair and that side shave like nobody’s business.

It had to be a process, though, because of the black still left in my hair. You can’t just bleach that out in one go. I ended up going to the salon three times to get my final, glorious hair.

Not so bad, though. That salon is awesome, and so is Andrea.

Pink is the New Black: A Side ShaveWhen Andrea shaved the side of my head, I was liberated. No trepidation was felt that day. No fear. Just relief and happiness.

That first day, I came away with a new side shave and a head full of now-brown hair. No black in sight! I was already loving my hair, but it wasn’t pink yet, so on to the second visit!

Pink is the New Black: Bleached HeadDuring the second visit, Andrea attacked my hair with bleach. It’s been over a decade since I’ve bleached my whole head. Ahh, the memories. That smell really brought me back to high school.

Unfortunately, some of the black just wouldn’t give it up. After that bleaching, there were chunks of dark brown. Give it up, hair!

But, rather than have me walk away with mostly white hair, Andrea gave me some pink hair (with purple to cover the brown) so I had a cute look in the days between salon visits.

This made me so happy.

Finally, I went in for my last visit. Andrea and I were determined to get those chunks of brown down to a manageable shade, and, in the end, we (she) succeeded. Yay!

I've reached my final form! Amazing hair from @andreahh6 at @canvasmissoula!!! Cutest ever! #365days #pinkHair

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She sculpted my curls so they were shorter on the shaved side and longer on the other, like a curly pink waterfall. Then, on my way out, she gave me the cutest retro ‘do I’ve ever had.

Cloud 9, guys. Cloud 9.

Pink is the New Black: My Pink Hair JourneyThis is how my hair turned out, now styled by me, after that final visit. Yay! Pink hair! Side shave! Lines!

Pink is the New Black: Pink Hair and Side ShaveAt that last salon visit, when Andrea asked me if I wanted lines shaved into the side of my head as I sipped on my complimentary can of Sprite, I gave an emphatic “Yes.” I’ve always wanted those cuts in my head, just like I’ve always wanted a side shave. Dreams coming true over here.

I’m trying not to gush so hard, but it’s true. I love this new hair! This is the best thing that’s happened all year.

Pink is the New Black: Before and AfterJust a little reminder of where I came from. The picture on the right is actually how my hair looked a week after getting it done. Still sooooo cute!

Thanks to Andrea Wyman of Canvas Studios Salon. I’ll definitely be back.


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  1. Love the new hair! Fun to see the transition and your happiness shines:)

  2. Love the pink Trisha! You look amazing!

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