Beauty Box 5 Review: August 2015

It’s that time again! We have another BB5 to open.

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription services where you spend $12 a month and they send you a box of 5 full and sample beauty products.

Time to open up the August box.

Beauty Box 5 August 2015 Unboxing Video

Notice something different about this unboxing video? That’s right: I changed my hair! And I love it.

But enough about that. We’re talking about BB5.

Beauty Box 5 August 2015: The BoxIn the August 2015 box, I got…

Look at that! This box is worth over $35. That’s pretty dang good.

Donnamax Printed Nail File with Case

Beauty Box 5 August 2015: Donnamax Nail FileMan, guys, this case is really hard to open. Not just the first time, but every time. Kind of annoying.

But the actual nail file is pretty good. It has a medium grain to it, so it’s just hardcore enough for your nails.

Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eyeliner Pen

Beauty Box 5 August 2015: Starlooks EyelinerToday, I got this fancy eyeliner. The color at the end of the pen, showing the color it’s supposed to be, looks maroon to me. But they call it Plum. (And in the end, it matched the name and not the packaging.)

Beauty Box 5 August 2015: Starlooks Eyeliner PenI love felt tip eyeliners. They make a liquid line, but it’s way easier than the typical brush-tip applicator. And this one works very well.

Scroll through the post to see this eyeliner in action.

Hask Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

Beauty Box 5 August 2015: Hask Deep ConditionerAnother deep conditioner! This one’s timely since I just bleached my hair a bunch.

This stuff smells delightful: Like someone poured some fancy sugar on an entire fruit basket. I mean that in a good way. And the scent sticks around so you still smell it when you’re out of the shower.

Downside? It’s not that deep conditioning. It was very near a regular ol’ daily drugstore conditioner.

Jerome Alexander Hot Stuff Go Pop Compact

Beauty Box 5 August 2015: Hot Stuff CompactA surprise addition to this month’s BB5 was this Hot Stuff compact. I got the “Clubb’n” version.

The somewhat bulky purple compact has a rubbery, matte finish.

Beauty Box 5 August 2015: Hot Stuff Compact in Clubb'nInside, you get three eye shadows and three lip glosses.

The eye shadows were slightly sheer, and there was a fair amount of fallout. But the color payoff was still nice. I just wish they weren’t all in the same tone. It would have been nicer if the pink was a little lighter and the purple was a little darker.

Beauty Box 5 August 2015: Starlooks and Hot Stuff in ActionHere’s both the Hot Stuff eye shadows and the Starlooks liner in action. Both worked pretty well, but I was especially happy with the liner. It ended up a pretty purple.

Pur-Lisse Pur Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer

Beauty Box 5 August 2015: Pur-Lisse MoisturizerWe got yet another Pu-Lisse moisturizer sample. This is becoming a trend.

This one soaks into the skin well, thought it does have a very slight greasy finish. It would be best for night, in my opinion.

I was also totally right in the unboxing video: This has a very subtle mint scent. But you can barely tell, so no worries!

What did you think of this month’s box? Let me know in the comments!


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