Face of the Day: Am I Mulan Yet?

You know me: I can’t resist a good deal. So when Walgreen’s put their Disney-inspired e.l.f. makeup kits on clearance, I had to get one.

Which one did I choose? I was most drawn to the eye shadow colors in the Mulan Disney Dare to Dream Beauty Book. It comes with eye shadow, blush, eyeliner and lipstick.

Check it out:

One cool thing is that they give examples of day and night makeup with diagrams and instructions. Today, I’m rocking the Mulan Day look!

Face of the Day: Am I Mulan Yet?Do I look like Mulan? Do I look like I’m about to decide to be a dude in order to restore honor to my family?

I just followed along with the instructions in the palette. This includes using the pink Dynasty Dahlia blush on my cheeks.

FOTD: Mulan Look - LipsLook at those lips! This is definitely my favorite thing from today’s look, which is saying a lot since I’m generally not a lipstick person.

This is the lipstick from the Mulan Dare to Dream palette (which was awesome by the way), but with a darker lipstick around the edges for some dimension. In that case, I used NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream in Bewitching.

Mulan FOTD: The EyesThe eyes! Nice!

In the instructions for the Day look, they have you using several shades, including my favorite from the Mulan Dare to Dream palette: Tranquil. That’s the maroon shade used in the crease. So pretty.

I also used the eyeliner that comes with the palette and my Essence Lash Mania Reloaded Mascara. I can totally see why they call this a day look. It’s soft and pretty.

What do think? Am I Mulan yet?

Let’s chat about this FOTD in the comments!


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