NOTD: Polka Dot and Flower Nail Art

I recently made a big decision. See, I’ve had an iPhone 4 for years and…I hated it. It was full of bugs and problems and I needed a new phone. But rather than go for a newer iPhone, I made the leap from Apple to Android.

This is relevant to my Nails of the Day, I swear!

NOTD: The New PhoneSo, in the end I got the Samsung Galaxy S4 off ebay. I tell ya, I love it! No going back to Apple.

NOTD: The InspirationI needed a case, so I got this super cute one off Amazon.

Guys…Guys! I love this phone case so so so much! It’s just the cutest thing in the world, and really matches my personality.

You know what I did, right? I loved my new phone case so much that I did my nails to match. Classic Trisha.

Marvel at my phone-inspired Polka Dot and Flower Nail Art!

NOTD: Polka Dot and Flower Nail ArtHey, look, it matches!

I did the polka dots on most fingers, but did a flower situation on my ring fingernail. I ended up doing a pretty good job of matching the colors, too.

This is what I used for the polka dots:

And for the flowers:

I used a dotting tool for the polka dots and a nail paint brush for the flowers.

What do you think? Did I nail the polka dot and flower nail art when it comes to matching the cell phone case?

Ugh, I love these nails.


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