Why I Can Finally Stop Squinting (A Firmoo Glasses Review)

I’m no stranger to buying glasses online. In fact, I’ve gotten most of my glasses from this past decade using online retailers. It’s so much less expensive!

So, Firmoo asked me to review their glasses recently and I jumped at the chance. Why? I needed new glasses. Specifically, I needed prescription sunglasses.

I almost never wear sunglasses because I didn’t have prescriptions. I’d rather walk around squinting, but be able to see far away. But that’s bad, see. You shouldn’t squint. You should protect your eyes from the sun.

Firmoo Glasses Review: Prescription SunglassesI needed prescription glasses, so I picked the #FRM8004 frames (only $39 including standard prescription lenses). Check out that classic shape! Nice thick black frames and dark shades.

Firmoo Glasses Review: Clip-On SunglassesBut the coolest thing about these glasses? They’re both regular prescription glasses and sunglasses. The sunglass part clips on with magnets. And when they’re on, you can’t even tell they’re “clip ons.”

Firmoo Glasses Review: Prescription GlassesSee, here’s me with just the prescription glasses. The plastic frames are super thin and light, as are the actually lenses. I like how nerdy these frames look. Nice and big and black.

Firmoo Glasses Review: Prescription Glasses With Magnetic Clip-OnsAnd here they are with the magnetic sunglasses. You just hover them over the actually glasses and they stick right in place with the magnets.

You can’t even tell! They look like regular sunglasses! That’s so exciting for me. They don’t look like old-people-glasses like other clip-ons.

The sunglasses attachment is super thin and light and fits in a soft pouch that came with the glasses. They easily fit in my purse.

Honestly, the has changed everything for me. I can now wear prescription sunglasses! Yay!

The only negative thing I have to say about these glasses is how they feel in my hands. The light plastic makes it feel like they’re the fake glasses a hipster might get to look cool. But, on my face that lightness and softness ends up making them feel mostly invisible, which I like.

I’m a total fan. And they’re only $39.

You can get these frames and any other (they have several varieties of these magnetic clip-ons), at the Firmoo website. If you use that link, you get 15% off your first order.


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