My Top 5 Favorite Nails of the Day Posts of All Time

NOTDbestLast week, I showed you some of my favorite FOTDs in the nearly eight years of Makeup Files. Today, we’re talking about…Nails of the Day!

I’ve gotten really into nail art over the years. So much so that I actually teach an online course, Nail Art for Beginners.

It was tough to come up with my top five favorite Nails of the Day, but I did it. Check it out!

NOTD: Drusilla-Inspired French Manicure (April, 2012)

At the time, I was watching the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show for the very first time. Drusilla, a mostly mean vampire in the show who was incredibly lucky to be with Spike, often had interesting French manicures. In one seen, it was red with white tips, so I used that as my inspiration for this NOTD. I used Sinful Colors and Wet N Wild.

NOTD: Midnight Sparkles (October, 2013)

I’m as in love with this manicure now as I was back then. I used loose nail glitter for this one, and it was a blast. Granted, it was a pain to remove, but it was totally worth it. The loose glitter was from a Disney Villains nail kit.

NOTD: Water Marbling with Radiant Orchid (January, 2014)

This was my second attempt at water marbling, a super difficult nail art technique. At the time, Radiant Orchid was the Pantone color of the year, so that was my color inspiration for this swirly, marbled manicure. I used Wet N Wild and Sinful Colors.

NOTD: American Flag (May, 2014)

I was feeling awfully patriot around Memorial Day and thought I’d do an American flag manicure. I ended up using a stencil for the stars and a red nail art pen for the stripes. Honestly, I was super proud of myself for this one. I used Sinful Colors, Essie and Sally Hansen.

NOTD: Polka Dot and Flowers (October, 2015)

This is one of my most recent NOTDs, and it also happens to be my absolute favorite of all time. It all started when I got a new cell phone and needed a case. The case I ended up with was so darn cute that it inspired this manicure. I. Love. It. I used Wet N Wild, Color Club, Essie and Nails Inc.

Those are my favorite Nails of the Day manicures that I’ve done in the eight years of Makeup Files! What did you think?

Do you have pictures of your favorite manicure? Share a link in the comments below!


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