Beauty Box 5 Review: February 2016

Happy Leap Year! Today is an extra day, so what are you going to do with it? Something awesome, I hope.

Let’s get down to business. (To defeat…the Huns!)

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service where you spend $12 a month and they send you a box of 5 full and sample beauty products.

What’s inside this month?

Beauty Box 5 February 2016

Beauty Box 5 February 2016: The BoxFor the February 2016 box, I got…

This month’s box is worth over $40. Not too shabby.

Manna Kadar Beauty 3 in 1

Beauty Box 5 February 2016: Manna Kadar 3 in 1This is a three-in-one shadow, highlight and blush.

Beauty Box 5 February 2016: Manna Kadar FantasyIt comes in only one color: Fantasy. It’s a sort of a rosy medium brown.

Beauty Box 5 February 2016: Manna Kadar Fantasy SwatchThe color ends up pretty sheer, but it leaves behind this lovely shimmer. While I could use it as a shadow, I love it as a highlight/blush. My cheeks looked warm and luminescent. This one’s definitely a win.

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer

Beauty Box 5 February 2016: Thank Me Later PrimerWe have another winner here, guys. This eye shadow primer is kickass. It’s just sticky enough to hold onto eye shadows really well, making looks appear a lot bolder and more colorful. Plus, no creasing whatsoever. This is definitly my new favorite primer.

Starlooks Custom Lip Liner

Beauty Box 5 February 2016: Starlooks Lip LinerI think they call this “custom” because it’s a shade made specifically for Beauty Box 5 subscribers. That’s my guess anyway.

Beauty Box 5 February 2016: Starlooks Lip Liner in Sultry SangriaThe shade is called Sultry Sangria, and it’s a brownish-mauve. The color reminds me a lot of the browner and more neutral lip trend that you see Kylie Jenner wearing a lot lately.

Beauty Box 5 February 2016: Starlooks Sultry Sangria SwatchIt goes on very well, smoother than any pencil lip liner I’ve used. The color is nice and goes well with the natural color of my lips, making it perfect for going outside the lines. Best of all, it’s long-lasting. It was there hours after I used it.

Epic Blend Premium Lip Balm

Beauty Box 5 February 2016: Epic Blend Hemp BalmThis isn’t the first Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm I’ve gotten in a BB5. It was also in the January 2014 box. That time, I got the Coconut variety. This time? Blueberry.

There isn’t much to say about this that I didn’t say then. It’s a very good lip balm. Not sticky or waxy, and it’s moderately long-lasting. The scent smells like artificial blueberries, like blueberry muffins made from a box mix.

In other words, it’s perfectly fine.

Hemp Nation Kiwi-Mango Body Wash

Beauty Box 5 February 2016: Hemp Nation Body WashThere’s an awful lot of hemp in this box!

If you like super sweet and fruity scents, you’ll love this body wash. I’m a fan of those things, but this stuff is extra sweet–almost cloyingly so. Still, I’d rather smell sweet than spicy, so…

I’m surprised by how much I liked this month’s box. There were no duds to be found, and I now have some amazing highlight, primer and lip liner. February = Awesome.


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