Sigma Wing It Liner Set in Bold: Time For a Review!

I was on a trip last month to Minnesota to visit family, and you know what that means…Makeup shopping, here I come!

A must-shop place I always go to is Sigma Beauty at the Mall of America. We don’t have Sigma stores in Montana, sadly.

Sigma Wing It Liners: The Box

Right before I arrived, they came out with the Sigma Wing It Liner Set. It came in two color stories: Neutral and Bold. Because I can never settle down for the life of me, I got Bold.

Sigma Wing It Liners: Three LinersI immediately had a big gripe with the packaging. They have this big box and just plop three eyeliners in there. They aren’t secured in any way and there’s no filler packaging, so they’re just shaking around in there.

You won’t have to worry about that, though. The three-liner set was only for a limited time. Now you can buy all the Line Ace Eyeliner shades individually.

Sigma Wing It Liners: Three ShadesBold came with three shades:

  • Sigma Pink, a magenta pink
  • Inscription, a bold purple
  • Legend, a classic black

But enough words. Time for swatches!

Sigma Wing It Liner: SwatchesExcuse my shaky lines. Yikes, it’s been a long time since I’ve used a classic liquid eyeliner brush…That’s my excuse and I stand by it.

As you can see, these are super pigmented. Normally when you get colors like pink for liquid eyeliner, they tend to disappear on your skin. Not these ones! They go on shiny but they dry relatively matte.

Sigma Wing It Liners: The BrushThese liquid eyeliners use the classic long-bristled thin brush. The bristles are just stiff enough to not be too floppy. It makes it a lot easier to use, but if you’re new to liquid eyeliner, there’s definitely a learning curve.

Let’s see what they look like in action.

Sigma Wing It Liners: Sigma Pink Line Ace Eyeliner

Sigma Pink is just darn beautiful. The saturated color means you have a solid line with just one swipe.

Sigma Wing It Liners: Inscription Line Ace EyelinerMost purple eyeliners are so dark that they often get mistaken for black. Not Inscription, though. You can tell right away that you’re looking at a pretty purple eyeliner.

Sigma Wing It Liners: Legend Line Ace EyelinerLegend is your standard black. I liked this one because of how dark it was. I don’t think you can get much blacker than this.

Sigma Wing It Liquid Liners: The Final Verdict

Despite the huge outer packaging being terribly impractical and annoying, there was really nothing wrong with these liners. I’m such a fan that I’ve been using them almost every day. If you get a few of these, I suggest using two or three colors at once. You can add them in layers for a really pretty and unique look. In fact, I might just do a FOTD or tutorial of that exact thing…

I give the Sigma Wing It Liquid Liners, from their Line Ace collection, a…


You can pick up each liner individually from a Sigma store or online for $14 each.


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