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Are you new to Makeup Files? If you answered “Yes,” then I say to you a mighty “Hello!”

Makeup Files began in April, 2008. I wanted to create a blog where I bestowed all my beauty knowledge onto the readers. And, heck, I could learn a little something along the way. When Makeup Files was a newborn, it certainly had its issues, but its grown it to a great and wonderful blog over the years (can you tell I’m a very proud blog owner?) SHAPE Magazine even named it one of the best beauty blogs of 2011. Score!

If you want to check out the best of the best, or you just don’t know where to start, visit these posts below.

Popular categories include Face of the Day/Nails of the Day, Makeup Reviews, Inner Beauty and Makeup Tips. Or, you can go to the main page to see all the latest posts!

Who Are You?

Have you been wondering who I am? After all, the blogger is often just as important or interesting as the blog itself. Well, my name is Trisha Bartle and I’m a writer. I don’t just write Makeup Files–although that’s some of my favorite day-to-day work!–but I also write for clients. I have ebooks, too.

While I love makeup and beauty in general (even inner beauty), I’m no expert.  I don’t have an education in cosmetology. I’m not a makeup artist. Instead, I’m a beauty enthusiast. I’m just like you!

To get a little more personal, I currently live in Montana and my favorite color is pink.

But enough about me!

I hope you enjoy Makeup Files. If you want to follow the blog in social media, you can check out the subscribe page for email subscriptions or visit these links: FacebookTwitterYouTubeGoogle PlusPinterestRSS Feed.

Have a beautiful day!


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