Some of the beauty products used, featured or reviewed on Makeup Files have been provided to the blog for free from PR agencies working with beauty companies. While this may be the case, this relationship has by no means changed the point of view displayed on Makeup Files. All reviews, whether from a product I bought on my own or one sent to me from a company, are honest coming from my (Trisha Bartle, owner) point of view as a consumer. If I don’t like a product, I will tell you in the review.

Some links to products go through an affiliate program. Use of affiliate links on Makeup Files happen after the article was written and do not change the overall feel of the post.

I promise you, Makeup Files readers, that I will not base articles on whether I can add affiliate links. I use them sparingly. They are only in use as a way to make supplemental income from the blog where I would otherwise make nothing. Again, I do not use affiliate links as a way to create posts and instead add them after the article has already been written.

Makeup Files continues to strive for excellence. While I have contact with PR specialists, it is a relationship that helps Makeup Files readers. I get up to date information on beauty products from them and will only mention it on the blog if I deem it worthy.

First and foremost, Makeup Files is a blog about makeup, for people who love makeup, and by someone who enjoys beauty.

While I may have the occasional sponsored post, these will be clearly marked at the top or bottom of the material.


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