Got some empty space on your Kindle, Nook, iPad or other device? Want to fill it up with some beauty-related goodness?

Then check out my beauty ebooks. Focusing on both inner and outer beauty, these books will give you just what you need to feel great and look awesome. Or, if you’ve always wanted to create your own blog, I’ve got an ebook for that, too!

Learn Blogging From a Pro – $4.99

Learn Blogging From a Pro by Trisha BartleIn Learn Blogging From a Pro, I use over 6 years of experience as a professional blogger to help you skip the newbie period. I started my blog, Makeup Files, in 2008. I worked through all the growing pains—the ones I’m going to help you avoid—and my blog eventually became critically acclaimed. In fact, SHAPE Magazine named it one of the best beauty blogs of 2011.

Now I want you to learn everything I know. Consider this book as an apprenticeship. I will mentor you with my professional blogging experience so you come away better than ever before.

In Learn Blogging From a Pro, you’ll learn:

  • A super easy way to get a professional-looking blog design for free.
  • How to take great pictures for your blog without breaking the bank.
  • The sure-fire way to craft compelling blog post titles.
  • Easy blog post structure you can follow every time.
  • How I use giveaways to increase blog readership.
  • Where I get my blog income and how you can get it, too.
  • How to get tons of free products for review on your blog.
  • And more!

Whether you’re looking for a book about blogging for beginners or you just want a professional blogging book, Learn Blogging From a Pro is for you.

Pick it up at Amazon.

The 30 Day Ultimate Beauty Makeover – $3.99

Inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty. With that in mind, The 30 Day Ultimate Beauty Makeover will teach you ways to improve all aspects of your beauty, inside and out. That’s why it’s “Ultimate!”

Follow assignments focused on both inner and outer beauty for a full 30 days.

Here are a few sample days from the makeover:

  • Day 2: Finding the Right Foundation for Your Face
  • Day 8: Find Out Your Season
  • Day 11: Sculpt the Perfect Eyebrows
  • Day 15: Get Rid of Negative Things in Your Life
  • Day 27: Surround Yourself With People You Love

Each day gives a full how-to or explanation for the day’s theme. It also gives you an assignment to follow so you can apply what you’ve learned. Finally, you can follow the day’s extra credit if you want to take things a few steps further.

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The Complete Eyebrow Guide – $3.99

The Complete Eyebrow Guide by Trisha BartleYou don’t have enough time in the day. With worrying about work or your college courses, it can be tough to fit in enough time to eat, let alone time to put on makeup. It can be a real hassle!

Did you know that there’s something you can do in just 10 minutes that will make you look better for weeks?

Yep, that’s right: it’s all about your eyebrows.

What you’ll learn with The Complete Eyebrow Guide:

  • Finally find the perfect eyebrow shape for your unique face.
  • Learn ways to keep with the eyebrow trends — or avoid them.
  • Discover multiple ways to groom your eyebrows. Tweezing? Waxing? It’ll be no problem for you now.
  • Follow super eyebrow tricks that will give insider tips of the trade.
  • Use eyebrow beauty steps to thicken brows and fill in thin spots with a little bit of makeup.
  • Plus! Eyebrow dying, taming your boyfriend’s brows, recommended eyebrow products, and more.

Pick it up at Amazon

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